[Pharo-project] status of i18n for Pharo

Henrik Johansen henrik.s.johansen at veloxit.no
Wed Apr 28 09:46:04 EDT 2010

On Apr 28, 2010, at 2:49 53PM, Hilaire Fernandes wrote:

> Are there any work in progress of i18n?
> I need it for DrGeo or I will have to write message in French in the code.
> Hilaire
Not sure what you mean with work in progress, but an existing alternative is the String>>translated method, which works the same in Squeak and Pharo.

Squeak still contains and entry in the world menu for the tool used to edit language translations (Open -> Language Editor), while in Pharo you have to evaluate LanguageEditor open manually.
To create a new locale entry you want to translate to, you'd use NaturalLanguageTranslator isoLanguage:isoCountry:.


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