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laurent laffont laurent.laffont at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 16:01:03 EDT 2010


with last squeak-vm Linux binaries all Pharo tests are green and fonts
working. So it may be a good candidate for the one click image.



Laurent Laffont

On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 11:40 AM, Henrik Johansen <
henrik.s.johansen at veloxit.no> wrote:

> On Apr 11, 2010, at 11:26 03PM, Stéphane Ducasse wrote:
> > Hi guys
> >
> > mariano, marcus and adrian got some push to get 1.0 out. I was just on
> cc:
> > I think that we made a mistake not to roll that publicly via the
> mailing-list (we will do that for 1.1).
> > Now this is holidays time here, mariano is going to get married and
> adrian just moved so no
> > internet connection.
> > Tomorrow I will sync with marcus to know if I can help to get this 1.0
> version out.
> > If I remember the mails I saw, marcus was looking for the
> >       BitBltPluging binaries for the one click image on other platforms
> than mac os.
> >
> > Stef
> Hum, aren't they usually built as internal?
> In that case, the only reason for including plugin binaries would be if
> there's been bug fixes to it since the vm was shipped...
> Which would probably mean you're providing a too old VM in the first place.
> IIRC, On Windows, 3.11.8 / 4.0.2 would both include updated plugins, the
> main difference being 4.0.2 providing support for old image segment loading,
> but requiring in-image handling of quit events.
> Not sure about linux, since I don't use it.
> Seems to be in a state of updating at the moment, with 5-6 commits over the
> weekend, so might be worth waiting for.
> Cheers,
> Henry
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