[Pharo-project] Linux Pharo VM on Pharo website

laurent laffont laurent.laffont at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 02:34:06 EDT 2010


I've prepared the following archive. It may replace the "Unix (3.11-3)"
download link.


In this archive:

- patched squeak-vm rev. 2151. (The 2 patches are for FT2Plugin build and
multiple options in CFLAGS  to work. Patchs in archive).
- awk gnuification
- README with instructions to build and regenerate this source from VMMaker
- All Pharo-1.0 tests green (on my machine ...)
- it has been built/tested by several people in order to send me
tinyBenchmark results :)

The tinyBenchmarks are not as good as Exupery one, but this vary a lot
depending on the CPU.


Laurent Laffont
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