[Pharo-project] Mac carbon VM goes to 4.2.2Beta1U

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Sun Sep 27 17:49:18 EDT 2009

I've updated the Macintosh Carbon VM to include the latest changes for  
serial port logic which was driven by changes in the Unix serial port  
Plus Bert identified that horizontal wheel scrolling didn't work  
correctly, oddly it's never worked since I think 2002.  People must  
not use those
funky dual touch/action track pads on the macintosh I'd guess.

I've added these changes to the SVN tree on squeakvm.org

I've also uploaded the new VM as Squeak 4.2.2beta1U.app.zip
found via

If someone other than Bert confirm the horizontal scrolling works,  
plus I couldn't test the altered serial port logic since I don't have  
a serial like device
around that my mac would talk to. Promptly report any issues...

Hint, don't forget to purchase your copy of ST80Docs or SqueakDocs on  
the iPhone to help defer the costs of my yearly Apple development  
as you click thru to download the VM.

4.2.2b1		We update system to 10.6.1 and newest xCode
			Build powerpc VM with gcc 4.0
			Run Static Analyser
			memory leak from vmPathString

			fix memory leak, bitmap, image

			memory leak from resourcePathString

			memory leak from colorspace

			Bert reported scroll wheel movement was wrong.
			We did not get kEventParamMouseWheelAxis correctly
			This problem oddly has existed for years.

			SerialPort, use unix serial port logic that now supports named  
ports, instead of older carbon solutions.

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