[Pharo-project] Sunit3.2

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sun Sep 27 15:15:59 EDT 2009

I tried to load 32.fullNiall in pharo and it -> DNU
TestCase class>>methodChanged:

I checked and I do not understand where this method is coming from.

valueWithArguments: anArray startingFrom: startIndex
	"Do the same as my parent, but make sure that all actions that do not
	give errors are evaluated before resignaling the ones that gave errors
	(giving the chance to clients to handle them)."

	"Note: I currently trap Halt,Error so that I am sure to get a Halt  
event in case of a Halt. This is being fixed in the exception system -  
when the fix is done it will be enough to capture only Error."

	| each answer |
	startIndex to: self size do: [:index |
		each := self at: index.
		each isReceiverOrAnyArgumentGarbage ifFalse: [
			[answer := each
							"each is bound to WeakMessageSend(#methodChanged: -> TestCase)"

					alueWithArguments: anArray]
				on: Halt, Error
				do: [:exc |
						self valueWithArguments: anArray startingFrom: index + 1.
						exc pass]]].
	^ answer

triggerEvent: anEventSelector
withArguments: anArgumentList

     ^(self actionForEvent: anEventSelector)
         valueWithArguments: anArgumentList

(self actionForEvent: anEventSelector)
		self = aSystemEventManager
		anEventSelector =  'methodRemovedEvent:'


  #(WeakMessageSend(#event: -> a SmalltalkImage)
WeakMessageSend(#event: -> Utilities)
WeakMessageSend(#methodRemoved: -> MCWorkingCopy)
WeakMessageSend(#methodChanged: -> ServiceRegistry)
WeakMessageSend(#updateInstances: -> TheWorldMainDockingBar)
WeakMessageSend(#methodChanged: -> TestCase)
WeakMessageSend(#classChanged: -> a RequiredSelectors)
WeakMessageSend(#classChanged: -> a ProvidedSelectors)
WeakMessageSend(#classChanged: -> a LocalSends)
WeakMessageSend(#event: -> a ChangeSet named SUnit-niall.FULL.3.22))

I have no idea where
	WeakMessageSend(#methodChanged: -> TestCase)
comes from.


On Sep 27, 2009, at 12:19 PM, Lukas Renggli wrote:

>> What about replacing Pharo's SUnit by Nial's and then re-add lost  
>> features?
> Yes, that's what I wrote in the second paragraph :-)
> Lukas
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