[Pharo-project] pharo1.0-10451-BETAweb09.09.3 in FireFox

Damien Cassou damien.cassou at gmail.com
Sun Sep 27 03:45:43 EDT 2009

2009/9/25 Dennis Schetinin <chaetal at gmail.com>:
> I can't log in at the 'main' page ( in
> Pier. It just ignores all the inputs (both correct and incorrect) simply
> redirecting from input form back to the main page. But from the Blog or
> About page it works correctly. It's all using FireFox 3.5.3. With Chrome
> it's ok everywhere, including 'main' page...
> What can be the cause of the problem?

works perfectly on my Linux box.

Damien Cassou

"Lambdas are relegated to relative obscurity until Java makes them
popular by not having them." James Iry

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