[Pharo-project] Fwd: [squeak-dev] About Collections-ul.137..140

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Mon Sep 21 15:03:48 EDT 2009

Hi ralph

May be I missed something.

> It sounds like you are using an older version of fasterSets.  The
> original version did not make the
> modifications for Method dictionary but the new version does.  I also
> made a number of other improvements.

Are you talking about the pharo version?
Because I integrated the version I thought was the best

> I suggest you test your version to the version currently in fasterSets
> to see which one is actually faster.
> Note that fasterSets has code for measuring performance at least in
> terms of the number of compares.
> Perhaps you can make the comparision and post the results.  I would
> like to see them.
> I suggest that you study the current version of fasterSets and your
> version and combine the best
> features of both.
> If you wanted to make improvements I don't know why you didn't start
> from the newer version.
> I believe it was Damien Cassou who proposed that I make most of them.
> I also asked that any modifications be incorporated into fasterSets
> but I assume you have not done this.

to who are you talking to?
Pharo integrator (me, marcus...) or do the squeak guy.


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