[Pharo-project] Package loader on Pharo

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Mon Sep 21 14:45:29 EDT 2009

> This is confusing for me.

this is simple ScriptLoader should be named  

> Maybe the Pharo board should take a decision now in order to the
> community to push it. There are:
> ChangeSets
	ok to keep to manage simple changes

> ScriptLoader
	private don't use don't look at it is crap (I wrote)

> Monticello alone
> Monticello configurations

> Metacello
	will manage group of packages and projects based on Monticello

> Installer
	to script different code input

> Gofer
	to script Monticello

> They share a lot of overlapped functionality. Some scripts use one of
> them, some other. This confuse the developers and the community. Maybe
> now is the moment to discuss the tools in order to polish them and use
> them, at leas until a new tool arrives that is better than the used by
> Pharo.
> You said that ScriptLoader will not be part of the core image but as I
> can see, only ScriptLoader and Installer can be installed directly  
> from
> the web in an image that it doesn't have it.
> Can the community discuss this? Or the Pharo board write its opinion?

done :)

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