[Pharo-project] Closure fixes

Michael Roberts mike at mjr104.co.uk
Sun Sep 20 10:27:05 EDT 2009

If you are interested in testing the closure fixes, I have scripted
it.  Run each section in turn.  I have a few things for discussion,
but first some feedback would be useful.

"A. Load Gofer"
ScriptLoader new installGofer.

"B. Install packages"
| gofer |
gofer := Gofer new.
	url: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/PharoTaskForces';
	addAll: #(
		"Part 2"

		"Part 3"

		"Part 4"

		"Part 5"
		"Part 6"
		"Part 7"
		"Part 8"
		"Part 9 - setup recompile"
gofer load.

"C. Recompile"
Utilities initializeClosures.
Utilities compileUsingClosures.

"D. Run the tests please"
TestRunner open

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