[Pharo-project] Fwd: Universes? or Metacello meta repository

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemstone.com
Wed Sep 16 12:35:00 EDT 2009


I think that the core of Metacello is very solid. Doru is using it for Moose (a large project) and I am using it for GLASS managing 20 some individual projects like Pier, Seaside 2.8 and Magritte. I am working on a Metacello configuration for Seaside 3.0 - almost 70 packages and around 30 sub projects ...

The API (DSL actually) and UI is still under development. 

The API is usable but in a few places is probably more complex than it needs to be. The UI is virtually non-existent, but that is being worked on, right Doru:).

So far I've been able to maintain backwards compatibility for the API as Doru and I have moved the API forward, but until we've finalized things there's always the chance that we'd need to 'break' something. 

If we have a good UI, then the changes in the API can be hidden to a large extent...

In the end it is probably prudent to wait a bit before going with widespread usage of Metacello within Pharo and use it only in the places with particularly difficult configuration issues...

Within the next month I will be facing a similar decision - I am pushing hard on Seaside 3.0 on top of GemStone 2.4 and Metacello is an integral part of the effort. I will need to decide whether the API is mature enough at that time to push out the GLASS release.


----- "Stéphane Ducasse" <stephane.ducasse at inria.fr> wrote:

| Hi
| I value the idea that when we look for a software (for example SIXX)
| we can find a version that is working. In the past we used Universes
| and
| if was successful.
| We cannot not have squeakmap and universe at the same time.
| I discussed with damien briefly about that and he told me that we coud
| have
| a metacello alternative.
| Now I wonder if for pharo 1.0 it makes sense.
| May be having a nice Universe for pharo would be good and important.
| Dale what do you think?
| Do you see metacello working in the story (may be for 1.1)?
| Stef
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