[Pharo-project] Graphics-Centric UI Capability?

Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
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Caution: this is *not* the answer to your question; I will be waiting to see what the experts say on the subject.  One thing I _can_ tell you is that it is often a good idea to write graphics-producing code in terms of a canvas such that it can draw on "anything" (display, image file and printer come to mind) using the device resolution to scale things correctly.  I have long been amazed that people create (in Dolphin speak) their own views when an image presenter would the job given a "background" bitmap.

There are always exceptions, but IMHO you should at least consider drawing on a Form and displaying that in a appropriate morph, or whatever the gurus suggest.  I hope that makes at least some sense.


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hello all,

i have been nabbling about the list archives, trying to figure out the right class to use for providing a scrolling graph pane on which i can draw shapes.

suppose i were to take UITheme(class)>>exampleWindowWithToolbars and want to turn that into a simple Paint Program.

what would i put in place of the StandardWindow>>newTextEditorFor:getText:setText:getEnabled: message send?

are there any simple Paint Program examples i start with?

thanks for any pointers!

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