[Pharo-project] CLFramework-UIBuilder

Henrik Sperre Johansen henrik.s.johansen at veloxit.no
Tue Sep 8 17:42:56 EDT 2009

On 08.09.2009 23:00, nullPointer wrote:
> Thanks for probe and conseils :)
>> It might be nice with a tab of its own for an editor of a morphs
>> LayoutFrame, which could replace the current properties Anchors,
>> Position and Extent
> Im not sure of understand correct way (my english is poor). Want you say a
> button around the selected morph for edit position, extent and anchors? I
> think in something similar but working with an new halo.
No, an extra tab on the left, where you can edit the values of the 
Morphs LayoutFrame (top/left/right/bottom offset and fraction).
It's a much more flexible way of defining a position that will behave 
nicely when you resize the widget than what can be done currently 
(albeit abit more complicated)
Morph allSubInstances collect: [:each | each layoutFrame ] thenSelect: 
[:each | each notNil]
editing the instance variables of such an instance for the current morph 
is what I'd like :)
>> - The attributes are quite easy to edit (except not remembering old
>> values for a few of them if I navigated away, then back again)
> I could try that, but i´m dont know do it with actual controls.A simple
> change of text launch the valueChanged event of controls ( textboxes
> properties ). When i can save for retrieve an old value?
Ehm, my bad, I didn't mean "old" values, I meant the current values of 
the morph. Anchors and Style were the only ones, I believe.
>> - The menu editor was very nice (a bit unintuituve that you had to
>> ctrl-s after entering data before navigating away though, yet autosaving
>> on icon selection. Also, only icon changes were accepted when you chose
>> a new icon, the rest (label etc.) were lost)
> I´m not be good tester i believe. I´m cannot reproduce the error. Note the
> text value, or help text only is updated in the treeview when the intro key
> is pressed in the textbox.
I make a new menu item, type in text, and select a new field. if I 
select the other item without ctrl-s (in Windows) while Text input field 
is focused, I loose the change.
Also, the tabbing order is kind of backwards, going up instead of down 
(Name field -> press tab -> Focus goes to Help text instead of Action 


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