[Pharo-project] CLFramework-UIBuilder

Henrik Johansen henrik.s.johansen at veloxit.no
Tue Sep 8 14:43:50 EDT 2009

Stéphane Ducasse skrev:
>> i published the CLFramework package
>> http://www.squeaksource.com/CLFramework.html
>> I´m continue working in it, but I have arrived at crossroads, where  
>> i think
>> is best create my own set of widgets, from zero, or perhaps be more
>> ambitious and try use 3d... i dont know; my knowledges is limited.
> I think that having a layout manager (copying may be the one of sophie)
> is more important than new widgets because how do the components move  
> when you
> resize a window or the relative placement of widgets is also important.
Dabbling with it last night, this was one of the things I felt was
missing the most too.
It might be nice with a tab of its own for an editor of a morphs
LayoutFrame, which could replace the current properties Anchors,
Position and Extent

- Initial placement was a snap (The list of selectable widgets is a
valid droptarget though, I had to ctrl-click and delete morph a couple
of times due to dropping wrong :P)
- The attributes are quite easy to edit (except not remembering old
values for a few of them if I navigated away, then back again)
- The menu editor was very nice (a bit unintuituve that you had to
ctrl-s after entering data before navigating away though, yet autosaving
on icon selection. Also, only icon changes were accepted when you chose
a new icon, the rest (label etc.) were lost)

As for widgets, the only one I was really missing was a splitter.


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