[Pharo-project] Debugger fixes was Re: Getting Pharo 1.0 released

Michael Roberts mike at mjr104.co.uk
Mon Sep 7 18:25:56 EDT 2009

Stef, all, a process question...

so I am merging closure fixes from squeak trunk into pharo-core....

Prior to doing this in MC I had filed out Eliot's first exceptions
change set from a squeak trunk image giving me the diff that was
applied to the base squeak-trunk image during the system update.
Comparing this to Pharo-core I saw we already had all the changes his
specific cs/MC made so i marked that initially on the tracker as
complete, separately you did the same in a different issue. However,
this is not the complete difference that could be applied as you
commented on the tracker.

In principle unless we have access to the base image from which the
fixes came, assuming they did not come from squeak trunk, we don't
know if squeak trunk already had fixes required by Eliot and also in
his base (presume a Qwaq image), therefore not needing to be merged,
or if the patch applied to Squeak trunk contains everything to fix the
job at hand (closure integration). So, in principle we have to merge
in everything and I guess this could require quite a bit of review and

this could apply to any fixes we want to apply from Squeak trunk so i
thought I would ask. obviously it's up to the merger to make these
choices, but now squeak trunk is moving at a good pace I guess we
should think about it.

what would be really helpful in the merge tool would be to see the
ancestry of the source so you could see which named MC package it came
from and where it was in the ancestry chain. i.e if it is not the head
package.  Gary, any spare time to add features to the merge tool?


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