[Pharo-project] Building a VM and/or plugins

Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
Sat Sep 5 16:12:14 EDT 2009

Hello all,

Is there a correct place to start for a Pharo VM?  I do not have a mac; Linux is of interest and Windows is currently an obligation born of inertia.  So far, I have found mentions of the need to put the sources in a conspicuous location, but I have yet to find whether that has happened or where to look for the code.

Various hassles and some accumulated success have me increasingly motivated to get SSL working.  I realize this will trigger some well-intentioned mentions of stunnel and the cryptogrpahy package, but OpenSSL is the answer in my case.  Stunnel can be misconfigured (or not configured at all), and I really cannot defend the crypto package against anything from FUD to tough questions.  IIRC, I couldn't even load it the last time I tried.

The question then becomes whether to connect to OpenSSL via FFI/Alien or to make a plugin.  One absolute requirement is that the image not turn to stone when an address is wrong, a peer crashes, or a router gets unplugged w/o warning.  The most obvious solution to me (please speak up if you disagree) is to connect/bind, read/write and disconnect on a connection-specific OS thread.  Any insights to help get there would be greatly appreciated.


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