[Pharo-project] iPhone squeak VM goes to latest Pharo image

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Sat Sep 5 14:42:09 EDT 2009

On Friday after ESUG I migrated the iPhone VM source code to use the  
Closure VM logic, this is squeak.app V2.x for the iPHone.
I also updated the January era Pharo image to the latest image.

If you have a copy of the squeak VM that I build for you and would  
like to upgrade you need to download the Squeak.2.0.0.app.zip from

I note if you have made your VM image writtable via the setting's  
panel we will launch the new VM with the old writable image versus the  
new one.   If you want to launch the new image you must first delete  
Squeak from your iPhone, beware that would erase any changes, so use  
MC to preserve that work.  After deleting Squeak.app 1.x from your  
phone please install the new 2.0.0 version. As always ensure you sync  
and backup your device before deleting applications.

I'm heading out for dinner in London, if problems please email.
John M. McIntosh <johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com>   Twitter:   
Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd.  http://www.smalltalkconsulting.com

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