[Pharo-project] question about Issue 207: ImageSegment discoverActiveClasses strange error

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sat Sep 5 04:46:58 EDT 2009

On Sep 5, 2009, at 3:10 AM, sheridan at sheridan-mahoney.com wrote:

> Hello,
> I am new to Pharo, and so have been perusing the bug database,
> and reading the recent posts in this list in order to investigate how
> to become involved in this community.  So far, I am very impressed!
> and encouraged that such a technically expert and friendly, supportive
> group is coelescing on this work effort!

Thanks and welcome.
We are all learning :)

> I have found a report that seems quite interesting, and have done
> some digging into the issue described here:
> http://code.google.com/p/pharo/issues/detail?id=207
> ( ImageSegment discoverActiveClasses strange error )
> and now I have a few questions I was hoping to get feedback on.

We would love to have a couple of tests for imagesegment!!!!
Adrian did you publish the ones you did?

> It seems that, after using this method, some follow-up is required in
> order to reset the image back to a usable state.  And there are  
> several
> options as to how to do that:
> 1) ImageSegment discoverActiveClasses.
> ImageSegment activeClasses size printString , ' classes were active  
> out of ' , Smalltalk allClasses size printString.
> - this type of statment order will reset things ok.
> 2) ImageSegment discoverActiveClasses.
> ImageSegment  recoverFromMDFault.

this one is dangerous (from memory it hijacks the categories slot of a  
class to copy the methoddict and flush the
method dict) then at runtime it copies back the methoddict from  
categories to the method dict.
But last time I played with that it crashed

> ImageSegment activeClasses.
> - it appears you still need the activeClasses method to reset the  
> image (which wasn't
> entirely clear from the method comments - further comments may be  
> useful here),
> otherwise there are classes with methodDictionaries that are set to  
> nil.

Yes this code needs a really strong cleaning.

> 3) ImageSegment discoverActiveClasses.
> Smalltalk at: #MDFaultDict put: Dictionary new.
> ImageSegment  recoverFromMDFaultWithTrace.
> Smalltalk at: #MDFaultDict.
> - this sequence of statments will give the user a report of active  
> classes along with a description of how they came to be used.
> Similar to above o/w.
> 4)ImageSegment discoverActiveClasses.
> ImageSegment swapOutInactiveClasses.
> - there are at least 2 problems with this sequence -
> a)  initial result is a DNU -  
> ThreadSafeTranscript(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #print

excellent we should fix that (my mistake)

> b) when you comment out the Transcript print statements to avoid the  
> DNUs you get:
> ByteString(Object)>errorImproperStore
> I will be looking further into this issue, but was just wondering,  
> firstly, is this a useful
> area to be spending time, and secondly, would it be appropriate to  
> start a new bug, or update the old one?
> Many thanks for your comments,

What would be really cool is to make a call for ImageSegment tests so  
that we can start to build something
more robust and yes image segment are a cool features and we should  
take care of them.

> Sheridan Mahoney
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