[Pharo-project] Getting Pharo 1.0 released

Adrian Lienhard adi at netstyle.ch
Fri Sep 4 03:19:30 EDT 2009

I went through all 1.0 items and changed those to 1.1 that I think are  
not that important. There are 24 issues left that I think need to be  
fixed before we can declare 1.0 final. Among them are a lot of  
debugger problems likely related to closures that may be hard to fix.

Peter, one issue is "fix all failing tests". So we really want to "be  
green" for the release!

Two other things we need to prepare is the one-click image (I think  
Marcus said he will look into this) and a secondary update stream that  
allows us to push maintenance changes to 1.0.x at the same time as we  
work on 1.1.

So, there is still quite some work left...


On Sep 4, 2009, at 08:52 , Stéphane Ducasse wrote:

> Hi all
> I suggest the following:
> 	we go over the bug tracker and move to 1.1 all the issues that are
> not showstopper
> 	and we declare pharo 1.0 done
> 	and we open pharo 1.1 alpha
> Does it make sense to you?
> Stef
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