[Pharo-project] FFI meets 74 bits - there be dragons here??

Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
Thu Sep 3 19:40:45 EDT 2009

Obviously I mean 64 bits :)

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Hello all,

So far, I am one for two on getting ODBC to work on my 64 bit Ubuntu system.  I'm using a pre-production (the only option we were given by our IT guys) Cisco vpn that does not support 64 bit systems; enter a 32 bit vpn and some copied libraries.

After that fun, I have been able to get isql (unixODBC test utility) to see a MySQL server I have living on a blade machine.  That much works.  My Pharo image seems unable to talk to it, and I am wondering whether it might be because the library is 64 bit - please excuse me if that's just plain stupid.  Of course, so was installing the 64 bit OS<g>, but I figure there will not be an option some day, so I'm trying to get my bad news early.  Any ideas about how to proceed?  I'm thinking of subclassing ODBCLibrary and tweaking the types (something on the net addresses some changes) to see if I can get some success and then keep going as needed.  Does that sound reasonable?  Any better ideas?

FreeTDS is letting me down talking to a SQL server machine.  If anyone has set that up successfully, I would greatly enjoy knowing what you did.


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