[Pharo-project] ODBCWarning

csrabak at bol.com.br csrabak at bol.com.br
Thu Sep 3 11:27:18 EDT 2009

Em 03/09/2009 09:56, Benoit St-Jean < bstjean at yahoo.com > escreveu:

> Cool!
>  If that's of any help, I volunteer to test your stuff on Windows XP
> (SP3)  for both  clients &  RDBMS.  At  the moment,  I can  test for
> MySQL, InterBase, SQL Server 2000.  But if you need it, I could take
> some time and set up a DB2  server and an Oracle server for the same
> platform.
>   Cool!  Very very cool!
>  Question : I  know it's usually not recommended  to test stuff that
> requires external  output (such as  setting up user,  password, DSN,
> etc) but  I think we  should design a  very simple database,  on all
> those RDBMS  and use  SUnit to automate  testing.  What do  you guys
> think ?

I think this is a case where this 'rule' needs to be broken if we
intend to ascertain the full functionality of these package.

The only proviso I would put forward is that the Unit Tests be
packaged individually for each RDBMS so interested developers could
download the one(s) [s]he intends to develop for without having to
worry about the ones there will be no interest.

Probably we'll need to add more than just Smalltalk file outs to these
SUnit packages. . .

My 0.019999...

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