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If that's of any help, I volunteer to test your stuff on Windows XP (SP3) for both clients & RDBMS.  At the moment, I can test for MySQL, InterBase, SQL Server 2000.  But if you need it, I could take some time and set up a DB2 server and an Oracle server for the same platform.

Cool!  Very very cool!

Question : I know it's usually not recommended to test stuff that requires external output (such as setting up user, password, DSN, etc) but I think we should design a very simple database, on all those RDBMS and use SUnit to automate testing.  What do you guys think ?

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Hello all,

I think I have the catalog (tables and field name/type given a table name) working.  The latest ODBC offering appears to work, but in fairness to me, it does not work the same way it did (some time ago) when I crossed database access off of my potential-show-stopper list. 

Re the warnings about change of language, for some strange reason, I find it very easy to believe that this is a Microsoft idiosyncrasy and so I added a suitable #on:do: to capture the warning.  That could be bad though; better ideas are welcome.

The problem I had going from Linux to Windows will probably persist.  Of course, I would like to see the startup/shutdown system revised to make such things easier to get right, after which it would hopefully become short work to fix.

The ODBC package derives ODBCRow from IdentityDictionary and ODBCResultSet from Stream.  IMHO, it always seems cleaner to compose rather than inherit the limited functionality that the base class provides.  However, the inheritance is not really hurting anything here; socket addresses being inherited from byte arrays *is* hurting us.  I brushed up against that at one point, but was able to work around it.  When it gets between me and something I need, I will introduce an InternetAddress class and try to lazily resolve names and addresses, fix the printing, etc.


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The porting continues...  It is getting closer to doing something.  It just raised an ODBCWarning about the server changing the language to us_english.  Any ideas?  Either I do not care or should set it up front??

One thing really surprised me, and note that I might have brought this on myself (though I think that is unlikely) by messing with startup and shutdown: the ODBCLibrary was stubbornly clinging to the Linux library from my home machine.  I finally used

    ODBCLibrary default initialize.

which seemed to put an end to the separation anxiety.  Is there a better fix?  I suppose I should try this in a clean image to see if there is really a problem therein, but that will be a little hard to do without a lot of my code, almost any of which either depends on changes I have made or could have caused the problem.

Maybe I should ask whether some of you use ODBC on Windows and Linux and have no problems moving between the machines.


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