[Pharo-project] Added package SLICE-RemoveReferencesToReadStreamOn-PeterHugossonMiller.3 to PharoInbox

Peter Hugosson-Miller oldmanlink at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 12:21:35 EDT 2009

Hi there,

This is my first contribution to PharO :-)

I've followed the instructions on the "How to Contribute" page, and there is
now a bunch of packages, and a SLICE-package that depends on all of them
(named in the subject of this message) in the PharO inbox. One of the
packages (KernelTests-PeterHugossonMiller.142.mcz) I have managed to miss
the log message, but otherwise I believe I have done everything correctly. I
attach screenshots of the TestRunner results run before and after my

Please could someone review the changes and let me know how I did.


*Before my changes:*

[image: Before_RemoveReferencesToReadStreamOn.png]

*After my changes:*
[image: After_RemoveReferencesToReadStreamOn.png]
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