[Pharo-project] Status about compiler _ changes

Damien Cassou damien.cassou at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 08:04:06 EST 2009

On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 1:16 PM, Lukas Renggli <renggli at gmail.com> wrote:
> I prefer 1, because it is simpler and does not allow the system to be
> in an inconsistent state. 2 is more convenient for people, because
> they can change the setting to load old code, fix the code and change
> the setting back. Potentially that leaves the system in an
> inconsistent state though.

I vote 1. However, if we could provide a simple script that runs on
version 1.0 and that fixes the code or at least point to _ uses, that
would be cool.

Damien Cassou

"Lambdas are relegated to relative obscurity until Java makes them
popular by not having them." James Iry

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