[Pharo-project] why #ifNotNil: accepts parameter?

Esteban Lorenzano estebanlm at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 13:48:11 EST 2009

That's a good choice... I will follow seaside conventions then :)


On 2009-01-27 14:40:16 -0200, Lukas Renggli 
<renggli at gmail.com> said:

>> And, I also agree with lukas. blahDo: is ugly, if you have an elegant
>> solution... but, what I have to do with OB-Tools? I replace methods
>> (like before) or better I create a package OB-Tools-Squeak with
>> extensions for Squeak?
> I guess the best is to follow the Seaside coding conventions
> (http://www.seaside.st/community/conventions) for cross platform code
> like OB-Tools. You might also want to use Slime
> (http://www.lu

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