[Pharo-project] About RBProgramNodeVisitor interface

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Thu Jan 22 05:13:04 EST 2009

>> What do you think?
> It is uncommon. I shoot myself in the foot when implementing SmallWiki
> and following the RB visitor code.
> It is the hell lot of work to change that though. Numerous external
> project depend on these visitors and I am sure I forgot half of them:
> RefactoringBrowser, OB-Refactory, NewCompiler, Reflectivity,
> Persephone, QuasiQuoting, Diesel, ... Furthermore, if the interface is
> changed it won't be easily possible to port the latest version of
> SmaCC to Pharo anymore.

I do not understand the relation between Smacc and the visitor code?
Smacc parse and produce the ast
Do you mean the new compiler ast checker and other.

Now it would be good that we move on. I will probably write a new  
visitor because
I hate this code. May be other people will use it at least I will for  
my projects.
I would like to know how we could automatically transform code from  
one to the others.
else we will be stuck forever with this code.


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