[Pharo-project] Breakpoints (was [OT] Great job guys)

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Fri Jan 9 04:27:26 EST 2009

Dale Henrichs wrote:
> ----- "Janko Mivšek" <janko.mivsek at eranova.si> wrote:
> | And when you are already doing that, introduce also breakpoints back in
> | Pharo as they are on GLASS GemTools. Very intuitive and the same as on
> | most other Smalltalks. If they can be supported in GemTools, why
> | aren't yet in Pharo? Any technical reason?
> Breakpoints in GLASS/GemTools are taking advantage of the breakpoint feature in the GemStone/S VM. Remember, Squeak/Pharo are used as an OmniBrowser client for GLASS -- the debugger is running in a GemStone vm and the UI is running in the Squeak/Pharo vm.

What I like about breakpoints in GemTools is the simplicity from 
usability standpoint. And similarity of use to other Smalltaltalks.

And because their UI part is implemented in OmniBrowser on GemTools, 
they should be easily ported back to Pharo OmniBrowser, even that 
breakpoints in GS/S are implemented differently than in Squeak.

In other words, let we port the UI for breakpoints first, on top of 
whatever Squeak supports for breakpoints currently. Later breakpoints 
can be enhanced on VM level as well.


Janko Mivšek
Smalltalk Web Application Server

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