[Pharo-project] GUI editor, etc.

Bill Schwab BSchwab at anest.ufl.edu
Thu Jan 8 23:16:55 EST 2009

Hello all,

There was some recent mention of GUI frameworks and/or an editor.  For
fear of losing the idea, I will just throw this out now while I am
thinking of it.

I submit that one needs both a drag/drop graphical tool, and a
programmatic capability.  The graphical approach works well for
many/most uses.  Programmatic construction is very helpful for creating
views to match RDB schemas, etc.

Magritte might be of help in both scenarios, especially the programmatic
side.  We might get a lot out of simply "telling Magritte about
Polymorph."  So far at least, we seem to be using code, not data
structures, to assemble views.  That would make the graphical tool
something that should work like I _think_ WindowBuilder does/did.  My
recollection is that it executed code to construct objects and then had
the modified objects write code to recreate themselves.  I fear we need
to be careful about looking at the code to see how it works.

Perhaps a little controversial, Tweak strikes me (please feel free to
disagree/correct as appropriate) as using compiler/language changes to
do things that can be (and so far, I would argue should be) accomplished
by composition of objects with the language as-is.  What Tweak shows as
events in code browsers, I would prefer to see listed in a graphical
tool editor.  I'm pretty sure I recall WindowBuilder doing a nice job of
that too.

The toothpicks holding my eyes open are about to snap. 


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