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Pharo VM v10.2.1

Fri, Jun 14, 2024 12:15 PM

there is a new release of the VM


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Pablo Tesone.

Hi, there is a new release of the VM ## v10.2.1 * Adding the missing tty.c file in the packaging. by @tesonep in * Do not allow comparing objects of different types by @guillep in * Prepare release 10.2.1 by @guillep in * Constant conversion warning by @guillep in * Fix tautological-pointer-compare warnings by @guillep in * Removed Cogit>>#voidNSSendCache: by @jordanmontt in * Re-enable incompatible-function-pointer-types warning by @guillep in * Removed unused functions from the C written by hand by @jordanmontt in * Fix function pointer comparison warning by @guillep in * Fix -return-type warnings by @doste in * Fix shift-negative-value warning and reenable warning by @guillep in * Remove warnings c compiler by @PalumboN in * Remove StackInterpreter interruptPending instance variable by @jordanmontt in * Do not use asserta: in a statement by @guillep in * Bump to MacOS 11 and above by @guillep in * Moving pharo.signatures files for OSX Bundle to Resources folder by @tesonep in * Do not retain any selectors in CogAbstractInstruction by @RenaudFondeur in * remove warning because of type and unsigned shift issues by @RenaudFondeur in * add tests for type harmonization by @RenaudFondeur in * Primitive format by @doste in * Adding an implementation of the aio.c using EPOLL in Linux. by @tesonep in * Fixing warnings that are errors in newer versions of clang by @tesonep in ## New Contributors * @RenaudFondeur made their first contribution in **Full Changelog**: More Information: -- Pablo Tesone.