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Re: Exercism v3 problems

Roelof Wobben
Sun, Aug 15, 2021 7:02 PM


The spec and other information can be found here :

I hoping we can get number 2 or 3 working.


Op 15-8-2021 om 15:15 schreef


There are already some test which are written with Sunit from v2 challenges.
and for the new one I could write the tests.

But what I mean is that exercismv 3 wants that the code written by a student is submitted and that then the tests are run and a json file with if a test is successfull or with the tests errors is made.*

We do that for our server (not Json).

Do you have a spec of what should be the output?

It could be occasion for us to extract a runner and strengthen the logic of the test execution.


*On v2 the tests were on the same image as the code written by a student.


Op 13-8-2021 om 22:14 schreef*


As far as I see it standalone means work without a image.
all the other test-runners run in a vm as far as I know how exercism works.

Nope. :)

You see in ruby or python or Javascript, you cannot run a software without a kernel (and a kernek is an image that cannot be saved and it often created

using some hardcoded C code - but this is the same). They just cannot save the kernel once loaded with libraries but this is the same.

So if we can load tests and execute tests without clicking on a button interactively.

Yes we can.

This is what we are doing since we have the jenkins test runner (since 2009 or before) and this is what you have when you

run tests on travis or github actions.

So now the point is to know if their infrastructure needs a script to run the tests

- how to identify them

- how to execute them

Because in Pharo we can write tests, identify them and execute them

Interactively but also from the command-line.

Did you already write a test?

Because if not, it super super important and I will release some a booklet on Testing in Pharo.

and also a new chapter ofr Pharo by example 9



Op 13-8-2021 om 21:50 schreef* > *Hello

Can you be more specific because Pharo got since day 0 (and I would say even before) a test runner?
The SUnit framework is there already.
We were thinking to extract a runner object to make it first class from the core framework.
But beside that it is working, maintained, extended (now we have parametrised tests) and we have (I should publish it) supports for example (tests without setUp)

Then what is standalone?

S.* > *Hello,

For the new version of exercism which is due in a few weeks, the pharo track needs a test-runner,

a example of that can be found here : <>

first question : Can this be easily be done in pharo?

second question : can it also be standalone?