[Pharo-users] Repeateble URLs - REST?

sergio ruiz sergio.rrd at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 08:29:12 EST 2019

I like that http://www.bagelconcertfinder.com uses Seaside and also my
Twitter Bootstrap Library.

Thanks so much for your library!

I have built several applications in seaside, and always dig using it..
it’s my go to framework when I do a project on my own..

Seaside by default works with stateful (web) components - making it easy to
develop - but possibly hard to scale to be the next Twitter, Amazon, ... ;)

most everything I work on will never be the next twitter or amazon.. so i
am fine tweaking here or there..

I have thought about doing exactly what you are talking about..

In my day job, we use LOTS of Angular. I thought about setting up a REST
interface using Teapot, and using angular for the web part..

This provides for a much more interactive user experience, but I also
totally love how seaside works..

Maybe for my CMS type project, I’ll use Teapot/Angular..

I will have to think about this for a bit…

I did a project last year where I used teapot in conjunction with an SMS
interface to create a very useful bot..

This was incredibly handy..

photographer, journalist, visionary

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