[Pharo-users] Google Protobuf and usage of Slots

Holger Freyther holger at freyther.de
Tue Feb 26 01:54:46 EST 2019


from my point of view the pillars of future services are Google protobuf[1] and gRPC. Protobuf can be used for configuration files[2], tracing/logging[3] and storage[4]. gRPC is built on top-of HTTP2 and is using the protobuf IDL and marshaling. Many projects (etcd, envoy, Google Cloud, ...) provide a gRPC based API (and some automatically map this from REST to gRPC) already and I would like to build clients and servers in Pharo.

My plan of action is to start with a protobuf compiler/model and then look into binding the gRPC C implementation to Pharo.

I have started with gokr's Protobuf code on Smalltalkhub and defined base types and a Slot and could use some help to structure this more nicely.

The code is at: https://github.com/zecke/pharo-protobuf and I could use some comments/review of how to use Slots in a significant way (add "type" validation on write, constraint checks, builder pattern?).

Given a definition like:

  syntax = "proto2";
  package foo;
  enum Color {
	RED = 0;
	GREEN = 1;
	BLUE = 2;
  message MyMessage {
	optional Color color = 1;

And an encoded binary message of #[8 2] the following can:

  PBTestMessage materializeFrom: #[8 2] readStream

decode and set the color field. Proper handling of mandatory and repeated fields are missing and decoding the other values, nested messages... :)

Looking forward to have some eyes on the code.


[1] A simple IDL to define structs/enums with marshaller/materializer for a binary protocol, JSON (and yaml).

[2] Without having to write a XML/JSON schema and getting validation from the IDL.

[3] Many of us log structured to text, then have something like logstash to re-parse, regexp it and dump it into ElasticSearch. With protobuf we can have plain objects end to end for logging.

[4] We have FUEL so this is less interesting for us than others but quite interesting if you are mixing Pharo with other implementation languages.

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