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OmniBase was ported to Pharo 6+ in Jun 2018. The original porting work was
done by Esteban Lorenzano, but he pointed out that, as a non-user, he is not
in a position to provide any support. It was used to a small extent by me,
and much more by Matias Maretto. The repo is at
https://github.com/estebanlm/OmniBase. There were a couple of tweaks needed
to get it fully working; I don't know whether they were incorporated in the
repo version.

I haven't really used it much - my project got overtaken by other work. I
think Matias used it more. You can see the whole story if you search for the
subject 'OmniBase for Pharo 6' in this forum.


Peter Kenny

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Which are the options for serialize objects in Pharo ?

I know there is Fuel (https://rmod.inria.fr/web/software/Fuel).

OmniBase is not supported any more. OmniBase was pretty cool even
transactional !!!

What are you using ? (of course there is GemStone/S but i was not able to
convince my client yet :)


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