[Pharo-users] Windows 64bit, long filename issue but after a second load, how to categorise and report this?

Ben Coman btc at openinworld.com
Thu Feb 21 08:20:40 EST 2019

On Thu, 21 Feb 2019 at 20:36, Tim Mackinnon <tim at testit.works> wrote:

> We noticed a weird problem when testing the pharo exercism project.
> When loading on Windows10 in a fresh 64bit image with the following
> evaluate in the playground:
> Metacello new
>  baseline: 'Exercism';
>  repository: 'github://exercism/pharo-smalltalk:master/dev/src';
>  load.
> The project seemed to load correctly (but we seemed to hit an issue with
> an http submit giving a 404 error - which weirdly works in 32bit and OSX
> 64/32). Anyway - the real question here is that when trying to reproduce
> this in a second fresh 64bit image 2 users now have reported getting the
> long filename error:
> LGit_GIT_EEXISTS: Failed to stat file
> 'C:/Users/sam/Documents/Pharo/images/exercism-test-run-7.0-32...stance/testRaiseUnexpectedMessageWhenTooMuchMessages.st':
> The filename or extension is too long.
> And the second user got the same but with a different filename:
> ruleRBUtlitiesMethodsRuleV1FalsePositve.st

These files are both method names which indicates FileTree format rather
than Tonel (and these "failed to stat file" errors on Windows is one of the
reasons for the move to Tonel).  It may be from one of the dependencies
that are pulled in. To identify which, search for that file under
`pharo-local/iceberg` directory.  I believe the repo may have been cloned
successfully, its just the libgit binary can't `stat` long filenames.  If
that turns out the be untrue, use commandline git to complete the clone and
you will likely see it.

> I know there is a long standing problem with Windows and file path lengths
> - but why would it work the first time and then subsequently fail in fresh
> installs? Is something being cached on windows that isn’t on other
> platforms? (Writing this - I’m wondering if there is that shared pharo
> Iceberg setting for Share repos that might be implicated?)
> Also - given Exercism is in Tonel format and those files aren’t in
> exercism, and in fact I’m struggling to find where they are defined

as above.

> (my images don’t have them) - there is something very weird going on.
> I wonder if we have another error that is masking all of this?
> Ultimately my question is - where is the Pharo issue that is tracking this
> problem? I’ve seen it mentioned lots of times here, but can’t see anything
> in the issues that I can tack the above onto?

Filetree on Windows is constrained by long filename issues with libgit.

cheers -ben
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