[Pharo-users] how to test, if the class has "shared identity" of instances in the whole image (SmallIntegers, Symbols...)

Richard O'Keefe raoknz at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 15:40:12 EST 2019

It is not clear to me what the semantics of such a selector would be.
Consider this example:
 t := [:x | x copy == x].
 a := t value: 1.0e38.
 b := t value: 1.0e308.
What do you expect a and b to be?
GNU Smalltalk: a=true, b=true.
My Smalltalk, 32-bit or 64-bit: a=true, b=true.
Squeak/Pharo, 32-bit: a=false, b=false.
Squeak/Pharo, 64-bit: a=true, b=false.
Squeak/Pharo, after a patch: a=true, b=true.

There are two quite different reasons why x copy == x
might be true:
* x is immutable (including its parts), and can be
  thought of as a mathematical value, so that there
  is no need to copy it
  Examples: every kind of number, characters,
  booleans, immutable collections, block closures
* x is a way of accessing a unique resource, and
  should not be copied, so making copy the identity
  is a safety measure.
  Examples: Semaphores, Mutexes, SharedQueues, data base
  connections, some kinds of streams, singletons.
* Laziness or error (inherited method not revised).

What is your use case?

On Thu, 21 Feb 2019 at 07:32, Petr Fischer via Pharo-users <
pharo-users at lists.pharo.org> wrote:

> Hello, some classes, like Symbols or SmallIntegers, shares identity of
> value instances in the whole image (I may say it wrong), so:
> 1 == 1 copy. [true]
> #aaa == #aaa copy. [true]
> all other classes not, like Strings, Objects etc., so:
> 'aaa' == 'aaa' copy. [false]
> Is there any test method (maybe on the class side) I could ask for this
> (isXXX)?
> Thanks! pf
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