[Pharo-users] How do you easily re-categorise methods in Calypso?

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Tue Feb 19 10:05:58 EST 2019

Hi - I’m scratching my head over how to easily re-caegorise methods in calypso? I’ve overridden some methods in subclasses and picked up the wrong category (which the critic is slapping me for).

But when I click on the method - I can’t drag it to the new category, so if I click on the pencil in the status line (or the current category name - not sure why they are independently clickable?) - it shows me a rather unhelpful list of protocols. I’m not sure where this list comes from as it doesn’t seem to include any of the protocols that are already in the class? (and those which I want to use?). So I have to start typing “acces” and can click on accessing…

Am I missing a simple trick - or is this an area that needs some work?

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