[Pharo-users] How to load a single package in a Metacello baseline

N. Bouraqadi bouraqadi at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 06:13:14 EST 2019


 I'm updating the the baseline of PharoJS to use the zinc websockets from the github repo https://github.com/svenvc/zinc.  I want to load package Zinc-WebSocket-Core.  So, in BaselineOfPharoJS>>#baseline: I've defined 
spec baseline: 'ZincHTTPComponents' with: [
                    loads: #('Zinc-WebSocket-Core');
                    repository: 'github://svenvc/zinc' ].

However, for some reason I get Zinc-WebSocket-Tests loaded. Any hint how to avoid it?(edited)
Looking at BaselineOfZincHTTPComponents>>#baseline:, package WebSocket-Core does not seem to depend on tests 
spec package: 'Zinc-WebSocket-Core' with: [ spec requires: 'Zinc-HTTP' ]

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