OSProcess / OSSubprocess / LibC uniqueInstance

Albrecht Baur baur.albrecht at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 19 05:37:38 EST 2019

I need to execute OS commands from within a x64 pharo 7.01 image on 
centos7 (for example: 'zip -r 123.zip zipme/').

I found these 3 tools: OSProcess, OSSubprocess, LibC uniqueInstance

But I did not find any docu on which one to use for which use case.

  * OSProcess is in the catalog browser but fails loading because of
    -> So OSProcess is not to be used with p7 ?

  * OSSubprocess loads via catalog browser and the following snippet
    works (even though 64 bit):

OSSUnixSubprocess new
     command: 'zip';
     arguments: #('-r' '123.zip' 'zipme');
     runAndWaitOnExitDo: [ :process :outString  |
         outString inspect

So is it ok to use OSSubprocess with 64 bit even though documented as 32 
bit only ? (here: 

  * LibC uniqueInstance system: 'zip -r 123.zip zipme/'
    ... works, but I don't know if its the right tool for this.

Is there somewhere more info on which tool to use for which use case ?

Thanks in advance!


PS.: I need to use zip as os process only because of this issue: 

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