[Pharo-users] im using pharo 7 with linux env. but cannot input korean.

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Tue Feb 19 03:42:18 EST 2019

Hi Pierce,

Yes, this option worked to key in Chinese.

By the way, do you know if any option is needed on Windows? I checked
for the options but I did not see anything relevant:

hilaire at PCHome:~/Travaux/Developpement/DrGeoII/trunk/build/bundles/windows/DrGeo$
wine Contents/vm/DrGeo.exe --help Usage: Pharo Virtual Machine
[vmOptions] imageFile [imageOptions] vmOptions: -service: ServiceName
(install VM as NT service) -headless (force VM to run headless)
-timephases (print start load and run times) -log: LogFile (use LogFile
for VM messages) -memory: megaByte (set memory to megaByte MB)
-breaksel: string (call warning on send of sel for debug) -breakmnu:
string (call warning on MNU of sel for debug) -leakcheck: n (leak check
on GC (1=full,2=incr,3=both)) -eden: bytes (set eden memory size to
bytes) -stackpages: n (use n stack pages) -numextsems: n (allow up to n
external semaphores) -checkpluginwrites (check for writes past end of
object in plugins -noheartbeat (no heartbeat for debug) -trace[=num]
enable tracing (optionally to a specific value) -warnpid (print pid in
warnings) -[no]failonffiexception ([never]always catch exceptions in FFI
calls) -codesize: bytes (set machine-code memory size to bytes)
-cogmaxlits: n (set max number of literals for methods to be compiled to
machine code) -cogminjumps: n (set min number of backward jumps for
interpreted methods to be considered for compilation to machine code)
-tracestores (assert-check stores for debug) -reportheadroom (report
unused stack headroom on exit) -dpcso: bytes (stack offset for prim
calls for debug) -maxoldspace: bytes (set max size of old space memory
to bytes) -logscavenge (log scavenging to scavenge.log) Options begin
with single -, but -- prefix is silently accepted Options with arguments
-opt:n are also accepted with separators -opt n

Le 16/02/2019 à 04:54, Pierce Ng a écrit :
> I start Pharo with -compositioninput (one dash, didn't try two dashes

Dr. Geo

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