[Pharo-users] Should epicea help me recover changes in a system crash?

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Mon Feb 18 12:13:04 EST 2019

Hi - I’ve got mixed experiences with epicea - having had a few image seg faults recently its presented some of my changes and let me recover them.

However just now, I had been working for an hour and my whole laptop went black (and then had the apple logo). I took the opportunity to apply the latest HighSierra updates (it has been a while) - but when I relaunched my image - epicea detected missing code however what it shows me is nothing like the changes I had recently made - it just showed me a merge change?

Is it possible that if I’m on the wrong branch - it won’t show me changes I made recently?

I find I’m kind of missing the old changes text file (which we say we are getting rid of) as at least it let me see an historic account of what I had done - as now things are a bit all of over the place (do-its you have to find in the playground history) and epicea is supposed to show the rest - execpt it doesn’t appear to do so?


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