[Pharo-users] How do you avoid loading master code which is indirectly referenced by a version in the baseline?

Sabine Manaa manaa.sabine at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 10:46:46 EST 2019

For test and deployment, I have to be sure that I know exactly which versions
I load and I have to be sure to be able to load exactly the same code again.
I do not speak from my projects but from the projects I use. 

I found myself asking people again and again to set tags in their projects
and being surprised again and again by changed code even though I am trying
to load versions (with versions I mean NOT #stable or #master but like

The reason for this problem I then have, is that often in baselines with
version numbers (e.g. v2.2.2) other projects are referenced but as master.
So in consequence, I load version but get master from another project which
is referenced indirectly.  

For me, that this is not good at all. I was wondering that this seems not to
be a problem for others. 

I found out that I can put a lock in my baselines preLoadDoIt for those
indirectly referenced projects. 

Examlpe Artefact v1.0.1


loads github://zweidenker/Units/src (which is master). 

I found a solution for this:

In the preLoadDoIt of my baseline I lock Units to a certain commit. 

Metacello new
baseline: 'Units';
repository: 'github://zweidenker/Units:98d5a3d/src';

This solves my problem in this example. 

Disadvantage is that I have to analyze everything which is loaded from the
projects I use and create a lock for it.

1.) Wouldn't it make sense to have some mechanism, perhaps in Rowan then,
where I can say that a project which has a number can only reference other
projects with numbers? This would avoid the whole problem 
2.) How do others solve this problem?

addendum: I do not speak about project versions which are in development,
here #stable or master are great features. But sometime when a project has a
certain state, and it gets a version, then it should not change..imho

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