[Pharo-users] Iceberg working with forks - can it be easier?

Konrad Hinsen konrad.hinsen at fastmail.net
Mon Feb 18 01:49:21 EST 2019

Am 18.02.19 um 01:19 schrieb Tim Mackinnon:

> Hey Ben - I’m not sure that this actually does the same thing. I just 
> tried it now, and it resulted in an extra merge in my forked repo - as I 
> think this effectively pulls down from upstream into pharo and then if 
> you have any differences in your local image copy they might cause some 
> changes which then you would push back into your fork origin.
> If you just want a verbatim copy in your fork - you have to resort the 
> command line?

That's at least what I do:

    git pull upstream master
    git push origin master

I am pretty sure these basic operations are somewhere accessible in the 
Iceberg code, but I have no idea how.

Iceberg would definitely gain from having a documented programmer's 
interface. Git is way too complicated for a point-and-click interface to 
be sufficient. I'd even say that "scriptable git" could become a Pharo 
killer feature if done well.


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