[Pharo-users] Stability of Pharo 7 vs 6?

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Sat Feb 16 07:10:34 EST 2019

I’ve actually being using both - but 32bit has generally been considered the older more stable cousin (until Pharo 6 - where it was felt that 64bit was now just as stable).

I only mentioned it - because the zeroconf example that has crashed a few of my several times - was 32 bit (but I have also had 64 bit crash too. Probably a good experiment to try zeroconf with the 64bit variation and load my baseline as well).

I just think we might have an easily reproducable (and small) example that shows this issue that many have experienced a bit more randomly.


> On 16 Feb 2019, at 11:17, Hilaire <hilaire at drgeo.eu> wrote:
> I can't tell, but in your initial email you mentionned using the 64bits
> VM, so the image is 64bits too.
> So if you are using 32bits, you can try 64bitsVM https://get.pharo.org/64/
> Le 16/02/2019 à 12:01, Tim Mackinnon a écrit :
>> As mentioned, I’m on OSX HighSierra I get a zero conf image (which I
>> believe is the 32 bit version?)
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> Dr. Geo
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