[Pharo-users] Monticello diff between image and tonel repo

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Sat Feb 16 05:56:02 EST 2019

Hi Ben,

I am not looking at you reproducing the scenario (you asked for) as it
is some work and the outcome may not be reliable as you mentioned it.
Nevertheless, the steps I described will likely get you on the trouble
and are easy to get in.

But more on sharing experience on this topic, as I meet it several
times. I think it is an important issue, I have since migrating to
Tonel, and it needs to be reported.

Closing Monticello windows and opening a fresh one helped to get the
changes right, sometime... Other time, forcing flush cash on Monticello

But still, this really makes fell the environment to be fragile and
inconstant for serious work. It seems Monticello is confused by two
sources of package tonel, and mcz. Already meet this problem too.


PS: DrGeo is free software.

Le 16/02/2019 à 10:52, Ben Coman a écrit :
> That isn't even close to "steps to reproduce".
> Thats just a lot of effort for me to produce scenario B that has a
> high chance of 
> being entirely unrelated to scenario A you presented.
Dr. Geo

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