[Pharo-users] Monticello diff between image and tonel repo

Ben Coman btc at openinworld.com
Sat Feb 16 04:52:11 EST 2019

Le 16/02/2019 à 07:23, Ben Coman a écrit :
> Its hard to determine what is wrong from the screen shot.
> I'm probably not the one able to provide an answer,
> but anyway... can you provide steps-to-reproduce in a fresh Image?

On Sat, 16 Feb 2019 at 16:49, Hilaire <hilaire at drgeo.eu> wrote:

> Hi Ben,
> The screenshot shows two things:
>  1. In the top (black background), it shows the first lines of the file
>     'DrGAngle3ptsOrientedItem.class.st' from the tonel repository, in
>     the DrGeoII-Core tonel package. In this source, you see a
>     'CostumeClasse' method.
>  2. In the second half of the screenshot, in the Pharo environment,
>     there are three windows to look at:
>      1. in the background the Monticello window with the DrGeoII-Core
>         package selected from the tonel repo (the same as in 1.);
>      2. on top of the Monticello window, the repository is open and you
>         can see its packages. The DrGeoII-Core package is selected;
>      3. then the foreground window shows the changes between two
>         packages: one is the tonel package, the other one I don't know
>         (HilaireFernandes.7). Importantly, it look like costumClass
>         method does not exist in the tonel package, which is wrong as
>         seen in 1.

That helped my understanding a lot.  Its still a static snapshot though.
It would be much easier to comment if I could scroll that changes list
looking for patterns.

>  At the minimum, the information misrepresented, or I miss use the tool.

Anyway it is confusing for me or not obvious, likely more confusing for
> newbie which may think the tool is unreliable, and they want to go away.
> To reproduce, create a tonel repo, add package to this repo, or repo to
> the package, and test the same as explained above.

That isn't even close to "steps to reproduce".

Thats just a lot of effort for me to produce scenario B that has a high
chance of
being entirely unrelated to scenario A you presented.

To make it easiest to help you, "steps to reproduce" means you hold my hand
to *exactly*
reproduce your screenshot.  If you code is proprietary, you need to create
a non-proprietary
scenario B with the same problem which you can share in full.  If that is
too much effort for you,
then its too much effort for me to GUESS at producing scenario B that is
remotely close to your problem.

Anyway, I'm a sucker and went digging anyway. I'm only *guessing* this is
the referenced code...

What I notice is that all the "green-plus" methods are missing from there,
and the "red-cross" method exists.

So while I forget the semantics of each changes pane,
perhaps you are reading it in reverse?
"green-plus" methods are in Monticello package
"red-cross" methods are missing from Monticello package

cheers -ben
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