[Pharo-users] Monticello diff between image and tonel repo

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Sat Feb 16 03:48:48 EST 2019

Hi Ben,

The screenshot shows two things:

 1. In the top (black background), it shows the first lines of the file
    'DrGAngle3ptsOrientedItem.class.st' from the tonel repository, in
    the DrGeoII-Core tonel package. In this source, you see a
    'CostumeClasse' method.
 2. In the second half of the screenshot, in the Pharo environment,
    there are three windows to look at:
     1. in the background the Monticello window with the DrGeoII-Core
        package selected from the tonel repo (the same as in 1.);
     2. on top of the Monticello window, the repository is open and you
        can see its packages. The DrGeoII-Core package is selected;
     3. then the foreground window shows the changes between two
        packages: one is the tonel package, the other one I don't know
        (HilaireFernandes.7). Importantly, it look like costumClass
        method does not exist in the tonel package, which is wrong as
        seen in 1.

At the minimum, the information misrepresented, or I miss use the tool.
Anyway it is confusing for me or not obvious, likely more confusing for
newbie which may think the tool is unreliable, and they want to go away.

To reproduce, create a tonel repo, add package to this repo, or repo to
the package, and test the same as explained above.


Le 16/02/2019 à 07:23, Ben Coman a écrit :
> Its hard to determine what is wrong from the screen shot.
> I'm probably not the one able to provide an answer, 
> but anyway... can you provide steps-to-reproduce in a fresh Image?
Dr. Geo

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