[Pharo-users] Stability of Pharo 7 vs 6?

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Fri Feb 15 17:32:32 EST 2019

Depends on what you are doing, I guess.

I am using the same P7 32bits image on linux since June 2018, but I am
doing bare bone smalltalk, and I don't use iceberg. It could be the
source of your problem as it is still new, or it could be the 64bits
image/vm. You could give a try for the 32bits version for a few days..

Le 15/02/2019 à 12:11, Tim Mackinnon a écrit :
> I’m not sure if this is born out by others - but I’m finding that Pharo 7 is a bit less stable than Pharo 6 - I’m seeing quite a few seg-faults where the vm dies and terminates - both when the image is left running for a while, but also in fresh images where I do an Iceberg load of my projects. I’ve also seen a lot of weird things like corrupted fonts and keyboard focus/cursor keys not working properly.

Dr. Geo

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