[Pharo-users] Stability of Pharo 7 vs 6?

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Fri Feb 15 06:11:15 EST 2019

I’m not sure if this is born out by others - but I’m finding that Pharo 7 is a bit less stable than Pharo 6 - I’m seeing quite a few seg-faults where the vm dies and terminates - both when the image is left running for a while, but also in fresh images where I do an Iceberg load of my projects. I’ve also seen a lot of weird things like corrupted fonts and keyboard focus/cursor keys not working properly.

From memory - I saw a lot less of this in Pharo 6 when I first moved to it.

Possibly my usage is a bit different (although I’m not sure) - but in all the cases above I’m using OSX (HighSierra - so the same Mac OS as Pharo 6) - with the 64bit vm and running full screen.

One thing that seems to help (but this is an early empirical observation) - if I save my image to a new name - this seems to help. So I’m wondering if there might be something in the build process that has changed and is causing some sort of instability? 

I haven’t done this long enough to really comment - but from all of the above, having a Pharo.1.image seemed to stop my problems.

Possibly I’ve been unlucky - but of 7 images I’ve used in the last 2 weeks - 5 of them have had issues. I did notice that half of these images were the rc1 build 1436 setup (as I hadn’t noticed that the blessed 7.0 stable image has a different version number (previously, the last builds in PL Pharo 7 development - was the stable version - unless work then went forward for a Pharo 7.1. I liked to nab the dev version so that I know the build number to report it. I now see the about Pharo in the image also lists this number). Also some of my images were retrieved via zeroConf in the terminal (again, not sure if this makes a difference - but did that a lot with P6 too).

This isn’t a complaint per se - as we need to move the platform forward and forge new approaches. So I really mention it to try and help diagnose the issues - or possibly understand if I’m doing something weird.


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