[Pharo-users] How do I find the RPackageTag of a class?

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Thu Feb 14 08:19:05 EST 2019

I’m trying to understand how RPackage and RPackageTag work in Pharo7? It seems different than Pharo6 at least with Nautilus (vs Calypso) - as previously the Nautilus UI gave me the RPacakgeTag, and I could just work with that. Calypso doesn’t seem to give me the tag object, but if I have a known class and I want to know its RPackageTag I can’t see how you do it? It all seems rather messy….

I can ask a class for its category - which just gives me a symbol of the form “mypackage-tagname”, and if I ask a class for its package, it will give me an RPackage(myPackage) - but that RPackage has a set of RPackageTags which just use the tagname (so not prefixed with "mypackage-“)? So am I really supposed to split the category name on “-“ myself, and then select the correct RPackageTag? 

If I look at the RPackageTag tests - they all seem to use hard coded values and so don’t really show you how you deal with the question above?

It really seems quite messy?

I naively thought that if I wanted a browser extension to deal with a selected package tag - and file out some classes in that tag (for exercism) - I could easily get the RPackageTag from any class and then use it?


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