[Pharo-users] Its odd you can't have our own git project called MyProject/Pharo!

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Tue Feb 12 17:27:03 EST 2019

I’m really quite stunned that having worked happily 6 months ago on a project called github://exercism/pharo <github://exercism/pharo> (a name given to us by the exercism project) - that you can’t load that code into Pharo7 anymore either via iceberg or via metacello.

It looks like iceberg ignores any paths leading up to a project name and just assumes anything ending in pharo is the actual pharo project. It would be good to get confirmation of this - and also understand what would happen if any other projects happen to collide with each other - e.g. macta/StateSpecs vs google/StateSpecs? Its innocently done - and given we don’t currently use prefixes on our project names - we could get a nasty surprise (if I’ve understood the implications correctly). It seems weird that we would do this though, so I’m wondering if I’ve misunderstood this - hopefully?

Can anyone more in the know comment?

If it is true, its going to be embarrassing to have to go back to the exercism project (which just recently got funding from the Mozilla foundation) and ask them to change the name of our project to pharo-st because we can’t handle the name...

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