[Pharo-users] Calypso documentation? Or understanding menu building

Denis Kudriashov dionisiydk at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 14:32:07 EST 2019

Hi Tim

вт, 12 февр. 2019 г. в 13:42, Tim Mackinnon <tim at testit.works>:

> Is there any documentation on Calypso   application contexts? I am trying
> to add a menu item to a package tag (the bit underneath a package - which I
> often call a sub-package).

Only class comments are available for Calypso. Also there are a Commander
booklet <https://github.com/SquareBracketAssociates/Booklet-Infrastructure>which
describes contexts and ClassAnnotation github readme
<https://github.com/pharo-ide/ClassAnnotation> (together with class

> I’ve specified:
> ^CmdContextMenuActivation
>                 byItemOf: ClyQueryMenuGroup for: RPackage
> asCalypsoItemContext
The #for: argument of command activations is a context where command should
be available. Context describes condition where given command (its
activation strategy) should be visible for users.
In your example "RPackage asCalypsoItemContext" is an instance of
ClyBrowserItemContext which matches any selected package in the browser
(when a kind of RPackage is selected).
And that's why you do not see it on selected tag because the tag is not a

But that puts my menu on the package and not the tag

- and if I use the inspect extra menu in calypso, I get what looks to be
> something that could help me determine what I want but I’m struggling to
> understand what ClyTaggedClassGroup does, and what a context is all about.

Inspect command opens inspector of actually selected object which is an
instance of ClyTaggedClassGroup in that case (try inspect selected method
and you will get a CompiledMethod).
Children of package in browser are instances of ClyClassGroup and
subclasses. So they are not raw tags. If you need a command for a tag you
should add a command for ClyTaggedClassGroup items:

                byItemOf: ClyQueryMenuGroup for: ClyTaggedClassGroup

Look for example at SycPromotePackageFromTagCommand
class>>#fullBrowserMenuActivation which is defined this way.

There are other kind of contexts which can be used in command annotations.
For example if you want a command for selected method only in full browser
then you should use ClyMethodContextOfFullBrowser:

^CmdContextMenuActivation byItemOf: ClyQueryMenuGroup for:

it can be confusing that simple class is used in this case. But underhood
it is converted to the instance of context where command should be

> Has anyone else played around with this at all?
> Ideally I want to have a menu appear on all the tags underneath a
> particular package - and possibly including that package (or maybe not - I
> haven’t decided as I want to try it in the wild).
> While I’m at it - I have quite understood how to create submenu’s either -
> as I’d like to have several commands all as sub items of a menu item
> “Exercism”.

Look at commander booklet. It includes example.

> Tim
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